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Market Insight and Resources

Our clients benefit greatly by ACRE’s resource relationships. These include top-notch real estate colleagues, research engines including CoStar, LoopNet and MLS, contractors, civil engineers, planners, attorneys, and site and space design specialists.

For example, ACRE has worked for 15 years very closely with NES Group, New England’s top bank and credit union branch planning and design team,

One of New England’s most respected commercial real estate engineering companies, Bohler, is another favorite ACRE strategic resource that provides  site planning, engineering and permitting skill and experience to its clients that assures best possible outcomes,

Among ACRE’s very close real estate brokerage collaborators is Jeff White, Asset Manager for RA Ventures, now also developing his own commercial real estate practice, Aries Commercial Real Estate,

With respect to commercial real estate advisors and brokers, permitting and contract attorneys, engineers and other real estate professionals, few New England brokers have a wider range of deal-making contacts than ACRE President Dusty Burke and Vice President Bobby Burke.

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