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American Commercial Real Estate LLC (ACRE) brokers commercial properties for sale, lease, acquisition, expansion, repositioning, development, re-development and investment.
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Who We Are

Because of our appreciation for the resources organizations commit to blending its people, money, products and customer service with the right real estate decision-making, the American Commercial Real Estate (ACRE) team has for 30 years combined with its clients to achieve a record of real estate transactions unparalleled in consistently contributing to location success (see Portfolio page). Many of these successes result from its intuitive anticipation of evolving real estate objectives and customer goals: what was an acceptable location thirty years ago may no longer be adequate in addressing demand for instant and sustained creditability in an increasingly innovative and competitive marketplace.

By applying our real estate sales and market knowledge and understanding of people, ACRE (and its clients) has achieved success where others may have failed to identify opportunities or open up productive relationships. Clients find that ACRE’s unusual instinct for great real estate and how to market its appeal is matched by its human relations skill resulting from years of experience negotiating deals. This experience, highlighted by our skill as advisors trained in understanding human behavior, enables us to often predict how people will react under pressure, how to identify and anticipate issues, listen carefully, communicate with empathy and reassurance, overcome obstacles by making adjustments, and, when necessary, motivate people to act. This commitment to helping people achieve their goals is the primary Guiding Value of the ACRE team.

These results demonstrate highest and best use thinking and achievement in leasing and selling space and land, and the securing of sites for new developments. Most projects in our portfolio are the direct result of ACRE identifying both on-market and off-market sites in creating an extraordinary number of new retail and commercial projects throughout the Boston area and New England. In finding businesses for its Listings, ACRE seeks out the candidates that will most benefit by the location. As each client knows, the ACRE team is relentless in pursuit of deals, often achieving results where others would have given up.

Clients count on ACRE’s character and forthrightness to execute honestly and realistically, while steadfastly protecting proprietary and confidential information. They include developers, owners, retailers, service providers, restaurants, banks, credit unions, supermarkets, doctors, dentists, soft and hard goods retailers, gas/convenience centers, entertainment and recreational specialists, self-storage and day care providers, wellness concept retailers, office, industrial, multi-family residential, and mixed-use developers.

A portfolio of ACRE results is available on this website demonstrating ACRE’s enduring loyalty to its clients.

Who We Are
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